Security Doors

Security Doors

We carry both Titan and TruFrame Security Screen Doors.

Titan Security Screen Door
Security Door

Titan Security Screen Doors

Security Screen Doors

We are an authorized Titan Security dealer, you can welcome family and friends to your home in elegant style with a Titan traditional security screen door. Choose from over 30 popular styles. Every door is custom made to your specifications and is available for single, double and arcadia/patio door applications, and available in a multitude of colors.

Security Screen Doors

Every custom made Titan security screen door includes an array of standard features executed to the highest level of craftsmanship:

  • Hidden welded hinges
  • Flush mounted insect screen
  • Deluxe foam weather seal
  • Professionally mitered corners
  • Adjustable door closer
  • Single or double lock set with 1″ throw re-keyed to your door*
  • Machined latch holes
  • Straight lever and deadbolt lock set
  • 5 blade bug sweep

Titan also allows you to make a dramatic design statement with laser cut security screen doors. Laser cut from a single sheet of architectural grade aluminum, these designs provide all the benefits of a Titan security screen door – unsurpassed strength, superior ventilation and incredible rust proof durability – while enhancing the curb appeal of your home.

A pet door, available in four sizes, can be added to any of these designs.

Tru-Frame Security Screen Doors

View Guard Security Door

  • Strength: Screened with durable, corrosion resistant charcoal aluminum insect screen. Heavy gauge extruded aluminum frame for lasting durability.
  • Ventilation: Can be locked securely, allowing you to safely and confidently leave your prime door open day or night for cooling ventilation.
  • Visibility: Allows for clear viewing of the outdoors and visitors with its open structured, sculpted grille.
  • Deadbold Security: The deadbolt lock affords the best protection available.
  • Rust Free: With extruded aluminum construction, the Tru-Frame Security Door won’t rust.
  • French Door Option: also available with a French Door Kit for double doors.
  • Special Sizes: Available by special order.